SWARM, THE: Parasitic Skies: LP

May 30, 2014

Considered a classic of the powerviolence genre and originally released as a 10” back in the late ‘90s, Parasitic Skies gets the reissue treatment in LP form this time around. Penned by dudes with pedigrees that included Left For Dead and Cursed, this album sounds like road construction—and I mean that in the sense of ruination inherent, things being concisely demolished—with a couple of articulate, morose bridge trolls belting it out over the music. Personally, I was a bigger fan of Reversal Of Man and Combat Wounded Veteran (though much of that had to do with their visual aesthetic), but considering how short The Swarm’s lifespan was—less than two years—they had a lasting impact on the genre, and I’m sure fans of “hardcore played by belt sanders” are shitting themselves right about now. A nicely done reissue. 

 –keith (No Idea)