SUZY & LOS QUATTRO: Ready to Go!: CD

Nov 10, 2008

The equation’s easy as shit: a Spanish version of early Suzi Quattro fronting the I-wanna-be-your-boyfriend side of the Ramones. The CD even has a font similar to the one used on Suzi’s Bravo Prasentiert album. For some reason, the replication doesn’t seem to really matter because those who they rip from either aren’t around or are far from releasing their best stuff. Suzy Chain’s got the angelic, yet-finger-in-mouth-pulling-the-bottom-lip-down, glossy go-go boots posturing down and isn’t hard to look at. But it’s her voice and the band’s immaculate playing that make this shamelessly fun pop. This shit sparkles and shakes buckles loose. If you’re geeky for female-fronted, Go-Go’s-approved skinny tie pop, or a fan of much of what Teenacide releases, put down that Knack album (it’s only got two good songs on it, anyway) and pick this up.

 –todd (No Tomorrow)