SUZARDS, THE: Pour Votre Santé, Écoutez The Suzards: 7” EP

The Suzards are from Bordeaux, France. As a result, despite employing Google translator and having taken two years of high school French, I can’t tell you much about them. Things I can tell you: they wear impossibly tight pants, they are influenced by New York Dolls, and their four-song EP Pour Votre Santé, Écoutez The Suzards—in English, “For Your Health, Listen to The Suzards”—is expertly crafted, throwback ‘70s punk ensconced in adorable album art drawn by someone named Van Gogo. Featuring a healthy dose of weedly-wah guitar fuckery, jaunty drumming, staccato vocals, and even some hand claps on the EP’s closer “Just Gimme a Kiss”—oh, how I love me some hand claps!—these four songs are upbeat and danceable without sacrificing the anarchic spirit that necessarily accompanies all great punk rock from or inspired by this era. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Adrenalin Fix, / Barbarella Club,