SUSPECT PRESS #2: $1 U.S./$3 world, 8½” x 11”, newsprint, 144 pgs.

Jul 03, 2014

Thin little newsprint thang that serves as a fine, fine junction between the literary and punk worlds. I have no idea if all of these writers are from Denver or not, but the editors (who are no slouches themselves in the writing department) are lucky to have found them. Quality assortment of fiction shorts and creative nonfiction here, as well as a few poems, comics and reviews. Really well done; my favorite parts being Nicole Hagg’s piece about the death of her mother and poor old Josiah Hesse’s testicle problems. Those two authors alone made this an excellent issue. I really hope Suspect Press keeps going (though possibly consider changing the font of the body text, yeah?) –Keith Rosson (Suspect Press c/o Brian Polk, PO Box 100263, Denver, CO 80250)