SUSPECT PARTS: Seventeen Television: 7” EP

Jan 06, 2009

The drumming herein is ascribed to Chris Brief, and, assuming it’s the Chris Brief i know ((and love)), the a-side is vaguely stunning in its utter absence of Chris’ best trick—extended eighth note cymbal rhythm blastery—substituting instead a hi-hat-heavy, accent-on-the-two-and-the-four, vaguely British neo-punk/dancey beat thingie, not unlike what the U.K. Subs, Anti-Nowhere League, and Blitz did when they were trying to be gay dance homos circa ‘81 ((before the money came back around for punk rock, you understand)), except that this beat sounds FIERCE and ROCKIN’, which i suppose would make it the first successful application of said beat since that Steve Diggle solo EP with that “Shut Out the Light (Rothko)” thing on it, so there. Sounds a bit like the Skids, but more inclined to raw guitar savagery as opposed to echoey bagpipe envy, with a song title that was almost certainly stolen from the same piece of toilet paper Les Hatepinks scrawled it on. On zee flip, “Lesson” is comparatively more Briefy, while “To Stone” is an ethereal cover that i am not familiar with, nor particularly inclined to seek out information on. Featuring a Clorox Girl! I hope it’s Debbie. BEST SONG: “Seventeen Television” BEST SONG TITLE: “Seventeen Television,” and if i had to choose whether “Seventeen Television” was a better song or a better song TITLE, it’s definitely a better song title. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: February 1865 was the only month in recorded history to not have a full moon. 

 –norb (17 Television/Deranged)