SUSPECT PARTS: “Maneater” b/w “She Cracked”: 45

Mar 08, 2010

Given the ever-widening chasm between the records i get sent to review for Razorcake and the records for which i’d actually pay money, the Suspect Parts—having a foot in both graves—were a welcome surprise. Furthering this modest bouquet of presumably welcome surprises, the A-side is NOT the Hall & Oates cover of the same name—but is, instead, a punkish, Mersey-tweaked pop-rocker about a girl who “picked up some nasty habits,” somewhat emboldened by the fact that it’s sung by a guy who can’t hit the high notes without yelling. The chorus includes the partial phrase “She’s a Man...” so frequently that’s it’s difficult for me to figure out if this is some kinda transvestitory “Lola” excursion, or just some honest ((and ill-planned)) attempt at a hook. The b-side is, in fact, the cover you think it is, and a capably executed version at that. I can’t say i’ve been rocked to my marrow by this record, but i can suggest that my marrow’s probably done worse things in its day ((i bear the burden of noteworthiliy headstrong marrow)). I believe Immanuel Kant would call this record “pleasant,” which bears mixed implications for those of us questing the Beautiful. BEST SONG: “Maneater” BEST SONG TITLE: “She Cracked,” of course. Jonathan Richman vs. Hall & Oates is a three-hit fight! ((his fist hitting their faces, them hitting the ground, and the ambulance hitting ninety)). FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The circular smiley face on the front cover’s ice cream cone image is almost exactly the same circumference as the center circle of the inner 45 sleeve’s hole.

 –todd (Hover Craft)