SURRENDER: Paper Thrones: LP

Feb 26, 2009

This was a pleasant surprise. I thought I was going to get something totally different before I dropped the needle on this one. What came through the speakers was a modern version of early ‘80s U.K. anarcho punk in the vein of Crass, Flux Of Pink Indians or Chumbawumba. I wasn’t a fan back then of those bands but I am way more receptive now. I like the modern take of this with a better production and the use of dual female/male vocals. But the music is more modern with its stronger emphasis on musicality and melody with a tribal-esqe drumming backing the music. The songs don’t drone on and keeps a good pace all the way through. I think this band will have a broader appeal and will be appreciated more by an indie audience than the sometimes rigid tastes of the average punk rocker. Hope they make some travel plans down south from their Bay Area home. I would love to see how they perform live.

 –don (Thrillhouse)

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