Oct 23, 2008

Surrender: When writing about Crass, one has to be careful, due to the length, depth, and diversity of Crass’s catalog. One may only be familiar with “Sheep Farming in the Falklands” or Feeding of the 5,000. And they’ll have a much different understanding of the band than someone who can’t get Yes Sir, I Will off of their turntable. Since members floated in and out, switched roles, and their musical cannon oscillated from classical (Acts of Love) to the downright chaotic (Stations of the Crass), your understanding of Crass might be different than someone standing right next to you with a Crass tattoo or assflap. That all said as a frame of reference, these two Surrender tracks are their Penis Envy: talky, wiry, collaged, and gender politics charged songs. Acts Of Sedition: Are pissed in the doom, melodic landscaping vein of From Ashes Rise. I like it when bands set up the stage: smokestacks, black sky, then gallop into the madness. Very cinematic. The vocalist sounds like a murder of crows smoking unfiltered cigarettes. Not bad. 

 –todd (Penguin Suit / Surrender)