SURRENDER / 1981: Split: Split

Nov 17, 2011

Two bands channeling their inner-Crass: the unmistakable, unapologetic, spelled-out politics. The skree-and-garroting guitars. The crows on white snow and red blood feel of a corpse-strewn battlefield. The talk-singing, the strangulated small animal vocals, military-style chants. La Cañada’s Surrender belt out the epic “Crucified” and a pretty rough-sounding, low-vocal, live-in-Seattle track, “Praise to Capital.” And since Crass was such a collective and its nine members oscillated in their communal duties, one could make the argument that Finland’s 1981 is the other side of coin of Surrender. Musically, they could be the same band and they deliver two strong tracks, including the “Emma Goldman could definitely dance to this” track, “Silence.” Good split.  –todd (Stonehenge, €5 postpaid,