SURGEONS: Whip Them Lord: 7”

Nov 27, 2012

I saw these guys live a couple months back at Que Sera in Long Beach. While they were pretty good, that show was no indication of how good this record is. Definitely one of my favorite records of this year. They have a sound rooted in the early 1980s SoCal punk sound, with a nod to bands like Christian Death and TSOL with the dark and sort of gothy/deathrock style in the bass. The songs are at a mid-tempo gait, which allows the tension to take hold at a constant simmer. The guitar churns and scratches; the vocals are delivered in a direct, but not overbearing way. They have a sense of desperation without sounding fake or forced. Everything comes across loud and clear. There’s a sense of minimalism in the lyrics and songs. No filler, no wanky shit. Just the kind of songs you want to hear more of. It’s the bass that pulls me in and has me hovering over the turntable for another spin. Planning to catch these guys again in a couple weeks in some all-ages space in downtown L.A.

 –M.Avrg (Total Punk,

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