SUPPRESSION: Burnt Out Receptacles: 7"

May 27, 2009

I ask very simple things of people who release vinyl and one of them is, list the speed on the label. It's not really that hard. If you play side one of this at 45, it sounds like young girl kiddie porn. Pretty disturbing. Blowjobs are superfine. Kids are okay. Never the twain should meet. Suppression is a noisy/noise, lo-fi two piece that brings to mind the likes of Jesus Lizard, the most caustic of Godheadsilo's output, and early Butthole Surfers. They sound like an open headwound feels, and they scream into it with chipped teeth. Really fucking loud, jagged, discomforting, and nary a harmony in sight. Good for cleaning out rooms. Not for everyone, but okey doke on occasion in my book.

 –todd (CNP)

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