SUPERTONES, THE: The Big Wet Twang and Surf Fever 2000: 2 different CDs

Mar 19, 2002

The Supertones skillfully unleash a riproarin’ note-perfect tidal wave of cascading surf sounds that immaculately conjures the glorious golden era of rockin’ beach bum music when it was dare-devilishly hangin’ ten at its sun-splashed crest in the early 1960s. This is exactly the kind of youthfully exuberant rock’n’roll giddiness that inspired an entire generation of fuzzy-haired adolescents to grab their well-scrubbed boards and bronze-tanned babes, excitedly pile into their souped-up multi-colored dune-buggies, and recklessly race to the beach for a full day of intercourse, intoxication, and juvenilistic coastal relaxation. Cowabunga into the wild blue yonder, indeed! The Big Wet Twang is a newly released 10-song collection of Supertones recordings from 1991. It’s a laid-back, well-structured assortment of instrumental tropical divinity that’d perfectly complement a casual blissful stroll, hand-in-hand with a voluptuously buxom bikini-clad cutie, along a glistening sand-strewn shoreline during a slow, magical, effervescent sunset. Surf Fever 2000 is a recently recorded auditory delight that’s jaunty, upbeat, and full of euphoric frolicsome good fun. It’s just the sort of sonic sassiness that could ardently re-ignite the starry-eyed beach-blanketed lust between Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello and, in no time at all, have ‘em feverishly pawin’ each other’s private parts like a couple of rabid sex-crazed ‘coon-dogs in heat. Yeh buddy, these two discs aurally epitomize the climactic anticipatory excitement of sweaty teen-aged summertime splendor! My ears are jubilantly ridin’ high on the spectacular wave-crashing sounds of all this twang-tinged surf madness. For sure, for sure, daddy-o! So if you’ll please excuse me now, I’m gonna bask, bathe, and immerse myself in another billowy surge of The Supertones.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Golly Gee)