SUPERSUCKERS: Holdin’ the Bag: CD

Mar 22, 2016

The Supersuckers are as peculiar as a two-headed cow. They are a Janus-like, teet-wielding beast that sports two seemingly separate heads; one bovine head representing the side of the band that is a sort of American Turbonegro—in other words, a swashbuckling hedonistic band that effortlessly combines the disparate elements of arena rock and punk—and the other head representing the puke-encrusted, cowboy-hat wearing, chaw-drooling side of the band. Despite the differing orientations of each head, they are both ultimately connected to a hind quarters equipped with a dung-spackled tail and two hoofed legs, all too capable of suddenly rearing up and kicking your Adam’s apple down your throat. As Eddie Spaghetti himself points out in the liner notes of Holdin’ the Bag, the key to making it work is finding that stripped-down, deeply honest core at the heart of both punk and country—a bullshit-free core that existed in both country and punk’s nascent forms, before corporate pirate tendrils snaked into openings in both and polluted their naked honesty quotient. Here’s to the Supersuckers for pulling out their bowie knives and chopping those encroaching corporate tendrils into bloody chunks and tossing them into their bubbling pot of booya. Holdin’ the Bag is the Supersuckers’ second “country” studio album, coming some eighteen years after 1998’s Must’ve Been High. We’ll have to wait to see if any of the bruised ditties on this album become new classics, but after a few listens, I dare say that it’s a pretty safe bet. Help out Mr. Spaghetti as he battles cancer by picking up a copy of Holdin’ the Bag and tossing a few dollars his way. And in so doing, let your inner Hellbilly out and let him/her ride nekid and tendril-free on the two-headed cow of the Supersuckers.

 –Aphid Peewit (Acetate)

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