Right off the bat, I must say that I have never been especially fond of this band, even at the height of buying multiple records from bands like Candy Snatchers, Electric Frankenstein, and The Humpers. My standard line in the ‘90s was that I had never heard of a more aptly named band and though I have stepped back from that stance, I have still never really been able to get into the Supersuckers. Sure, the country record was alright and that song “On the Couch” was awesome, but it was awesome because it didn’t sound like the other stuff by this band. However, after a decade-plus living in Seattle, I came to really respect this band for sticking to their guns and being very cool in regard to helping out with benefit gigs and other stuff around town. Just like Death Cab For Cutie and Pearl Jam, I never warmed to the music but have come to respect the bands and the way they conduct themselves. In the case of the Supersuckers in particular, I also had to admit that former guitarist Ron “Rontrose” Heathman is a kickass guitar player once he joined the Hangmen and really took that already great band up a notch. Having said all that, listening to this record makes me realize that the Supersuckers have turned into a good band, if still not really my thing. Laying off the gas a little for a more mid tempo sound really makes a difference, just like it did for the Hellacopters when they finally put out their classic album Rock N Roll Is Dead right before breaking up. I am hearing cops from Mudhoney and even what seems to be a Descendents influence on “Something about You.” Nearly thirty years on, this band has been doing their thing nonstop. They are better now than they have ever been; there’s a lot to be said for that. 

 –frame (Acetate)