Jun 13, 2007

This self-released "Collection of Rare Treats and Evil Sweets" is intended to crash the Supersuckers-bootleg market and "shortens the wait" between studio albums. If you're a SS fan from way back (like the eMpTy days), feverishly sought out dozens of live shows, shamefully bowed out around 1999's Evil Powers of Rock 'n' Roll, and wish to God they'd put out another country album, then this is manna from heaven. There are no overtures of shameless Spaghetti-strapped forty-year-old women dry-humping Eddie's leg from the front row while screaming, "Oh, Eddie. Ooohhh, Eddie!" This is not for the rock 'n' jock crowd. This album traverses the group's garage, punk, and country highways and divergent intersections over the course of a sixteen-song (eleven originals and five covers including OutKast, Electric Frankenstein, and Lionel Richie) road trip. Upbeat ass-shakin' punk in "Shake It Off," country versions of "Doublewide" and "Born with a Tail," a blunt discussion of everyone's favorite makeshift paraphernalia in "Tin Can," a fantastical doo-wop tune with a tablespoon of Andre Williams' humor called "Rubber Biscuit" and a hopeful nod to wishing others well in "End of an Era." Damn, that's good. Now, where'd I put that roach?

 â€“thiringer (Mid-Fi Recordings)