SUPERSIFT: Pair-A-Dice Casino: CD

Sep 22, 2009

Supersift have cacophonously created a meaty and meritorious punkrock masterpiece that thunderously thumps me upside the head and then steadily stomps all over my ruthlessly abused eardrums. The high-energy instrumentation is tight, concise, and rabidly upbeat... the vocals chaotically careen between poppy schoolboy sweetness and manly gravel-throated burliness... the lyrics are hellaciously humorous and sarcastically witty, rowdily referring to the most deliciously titillating aspects of life like beer, cars, bowling, punkrock, porno, and the frivolity of apathy. Man, these raucously crazed Canucks are highly skilled manufacturers of sizzlin' sonic sassiness, and I'm damn well impressed beyond belief! Thanks to Supersift, my ears are as content as they'll ever be...

 –guest (Hourglass)

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