SUPERMOON: Comet Lovejoy: CS

Jan 13, 2016

Vancouver’s Supermoon play lo-fi fuzz pop that I’m calling “A Tigertrap for the twenty-first century.” “Burnout of My Dreams” is a good song title and a good name to dream of being given, but “Grounded” and “I’ve Been Told” deliver Supermoon’s best blend of surf tones and catchy melodies over a singer recounting how she “watch[es] a documentary / of someone else’s tragedy” in a dreamy song world where the strange and sad ride along together. If you were ever into The Organ or any of Rose Melberg’s groups, Comet Lovejoy is well worth the “name your price” amount on their bandcamp. Meanwhile, I’m keeping my cassette copy as a hangover antidote.

 –Jim Joyce (Alarum)

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