SUPER FAMICOM: Punishing the Faithful: Cassette

To my knowledge, Famicom is the only guy doing acoustic grindcore. Shedding the gruff screamo exterior, SF shows us his pink underbelly with a singular unplugged collection. Twenty-one tracks trade hands between Daniel Johnston styled off-key ballads to stripped-down metal arrangements. Like David Foster Wallace, SF pulls from confessional break up songs to ironic, plinky odes to loneliness. Most tracks top off at two minutes, but “I Will Only Be Yours (Devil Eyes)” stretches past six, revealing Famicom’s signature throat-scraping demon cry over a chugging acoustic guitar riff. A minor gripe: Famicom’s website suggests there is a non-acoustic version of this album but doesn’t have it up for a free listen. For those who want something a little off center and surprisingly tender

 –Kristen K (Get Better,