Feb 05, 2009

Of course, we’re big fans of Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission here at Razorcake. Why else would we have put this unknown band that had released only one EP on the cover of issue #5? So am I stoked to have new stuff from SCRM? Yes, I am. These guys seem to get tighter every day. They take all the passion and drive of Jawbreaker circa Twenty-Four Hour Revenge Therapy, throw away the whining parts, add an amazing second guitarist, and blow shit completely out of the water. On top of that, the singer, Seth, writes some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard. Each song tells its own story of drunkenness and disenfranchisement, but, again, he throws out the whining parts. If you haven’t given SCRM a chance yet, I definitely recommend that you pick up this CD. The toughest thing about putting out a split with SCRM, though, has to be trying to figure out who can follow them up. Luckily, the Tim Version steps up to the plate drives the runner home. Think of a more melodic Hot Water Music. Or think of Radon picking up the tempo and adding another guitarist. Or Tiltwheel with a southern accent. The Tim Version are catchy without being poppy, and they’re the perfect match for SCRM. It’s one of those immaculate splits, where you can easily tell when one band ends and the other starts, yet both bands compliment each other really well.

 –sean (ADD)

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