Aug 10, 2009

Oops. Forgot to review this four-song CD last issue due to me be all excited about them being on our cover and all. Speaking of covers, don’t let the CD’s art sway you – the front is a poorly backlit Godzilla puppet with boxing gloves and not very engaging at all. In the microgrooves of the CD itself, that’s where the magic is. Stretch pop ‘til it screams, bend hardcore ‘til it becomes melodic without losing speed, throw up a deep mesh of intertwining walls of guitar, bass, and drum sounds (like cyclone fences surrounding brick walls, laced with strings of dynamite – heavy, yet loose and fun) and have Seth yell and scream some dark yet bright poetic lyrics that are drenched in sweat, whisky, and barely concealable desperation, and you’ve got one fuckin’ great band. Every time I listen to this on the headphones, I keep on cranking the volume higher with each song. And my ears ring for the next half hour. Fantastic. This band is one huge reason I continue to thrive off music.

 –todd (Attention Deficit Disorder)

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