Tickle me pink, paint giant polka dots on my ass, give me a monkey sidekick, and have me join the circus, this is great. From the ashes (well, one ash) of Gainville’s mighty Panthro U.K. United 13, Jimmy “The Truth,” lends his guitaring talent to another band that seems to know exactly what’s in my record collection and play it back in a way I’ve never heard before. Mixing the blatant, joyous yelping of The Thumbs, the tumbling, net-like instrumental weave of Tiltwheel, the electric cut-though-the-shit guitar of Leatherface, and the dark excitement of a city in the throes of a power outage on the verge of a full-on riot is not a bad way to release a demo. The handwritten note said it was recorded at the University of Maryland in five hours. Fuck yeah. This CD was stuck in my truck for two weeks. Literally. I think it’s a wee bit fatter than a regular CD (and it’s black, not shiny. Cool.), and it wouldn’t eject, so I gave this about sixty listens until Sean suggested I pop the fuse. Worked like a charm. Now it’s stuck in the home stereo for pure enjoyment reasons. The only question that remains is who’s going to be smart enough to release it?

 –todd (Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission)