May 27, 2009

Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission: I swear by these guys. They’re another new-ish band that hasn’t written a bad song yet and continues to improve. If the name throws you, don’t let it. The band doesn’t dress in matching Chinchilla suits with capes while occupying their time saving cats from trees. As a matter of fact, they’re gimmickless. If you enjoy the tightly-revved inner smolder of Leatherface, the heat blast of Panthro UK United 13, the earnest, evocative lyrics of Tiltwheel, or just enjoy stripped-of-artifice punk rock that’s as satisfying to yell along to as read along with, I recommend this without reservation. It’s top notch it-ain’t-all-been-done-before punk rock. Just straight ahead, densely played, amazingly well written tunes, from lyrics, to guitars intertwining, to drum and bass interlock. These two songs are as good a reason as any to buy a turntable. Bottle Dirt: It is truly strange to hear a Japanese band sound like they’re from Midwest. Stranger yet is the vocalist seems to be borrowing directly from the Replacements’ Paul Westerberg’s throat while the rest of the band rifles through and punches early ‘Mats subject matter straight in the arm. (i.e.: “We are still drinking though our bodybags are ready.”) The good news is that they don’t do a complete carbon copy, pen in some mighty catchy hooks of their own, and deliver two excellent songs.

 –todd (Snuffy Smile)