SUNSHINE SS: Throw My Brain Against the Wall: 7”

Jan 20, 2011

The opening track on this record is called “Peace, Love, and Sunshine SS” and is one of the most legitimately dirty hardcore songs I have heard in a long time. Early Black Flag or Circle Jerks are a great reference point. The guitar riffs sound borrowed from the early ‘80s, relying a lot on muted notes and quick shuffles in the chord progression. The band is able to inject more into their sound than sheer enthusiasm, though. The mid-tempo “Permanent Vacation” is deceptively clever, throwing in inverted chord structures with ease and a pleasant disregard for the listener. The production is warm with the right amount of grit between the groove and needle, if you know what I mean. This is top notch throwback style hardcore that would appeal the scummy sects of people ordering from the Grave Mistake catalog.

 –Ian Wise (Death, Agonies, And Screams)