SUNSET RIDERS: Self-titled: 7"

May 26, 2008

There are essentially two different types of straight edge songs. The first type is all about how positive and how important the good ol’ X has been to the songwriter. The second type is the rant about how someone else sucks because they either aren’t straight edge or they have turned their back on their edge beliefs. I’m all about the first type, but the second type can get a little tedious. Sunset Riders play some nice moshable hardcore, but throw in one of those type two edge songs. Even worse, it’s not about an old edger getting drunk or crunk or skunk, it’s about a straight edge friend neglecting the third X. What’s the third X? Well, let’s count ‘em down, Minor Threat style: “Don’t smoke/Don’t drink/Don’t fuck/At least I can fuckin’ think!” So the third X must be fucking. Sure enough, the lyrics go on to detail how someone found a new girl and the edge went out of sight, thus all the words they lived by turned out to be a fucking lie… Well, either that or the dude was horny. Cut him some slack, bro. 

 –mp (Suburban Waste)

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