Both bands: Lyrically, a constantly revolving door of happiness to sadness, resolute conviction to desperation, exultation to exhaustion. Is partying still partying? “Is this fun still fun anymore?” It’s the musical equivalent to not-quite-right-tasting but well-within-your-price-bracket wine. Keep on drinking it and wash hate down, burp up some love, and try your best to not to piss your pants. Sunnyside: Musically, think along the lines of Dan Padilla, Tiltwheel—kindest devils you’ll ever meet, or badly bruised angels? The Legendary San Diego Chargers: Fronted by Jesse Thorson of Pretty Boy Thorson and the Fallen Angels would like to express the following sentiment to the West Coast: just because a show is free, whenever a touring band plays, pass the fuckin’ hat. Good wishes do not fill up gas tanks, and it’s an insult to play a full house show, then walk away more broke than when you walked in. Music is our church. Pay your respects, dumbnuts.

 –todd (It’s Alive)