SUNNYSIDE: Make Tacos Not Bombs: CDEP Demo

Oct 23, 2008

The lead vocalist sounds like he can never catch his breath, and it’s always on the verge of cracking or giving out. That provides a nice bit of anxiety and momentum to these four songs. I’m not quite sure if I believe in resurrection and rebirth, but I do believe in solid songs by solid dudes who’ve been in other bands. (Sunnyside has Ross! formerly of Tiltwheel, Gene of Dan Padilla, Josh Mosh (co-owner of Fast Crowd Records), and a singer dude who wrapped his bandana over a microphone that was shocking him during Awesome Fest II. That didn’t quite work, so a beer coozie was slipped over it. That worked; much in the same way Sunnyside does. Ingenious, DIY, and effective shit. For fans of early Fifteen (without the half-hour talks between songs) who will heckle the living shit out of Jeff Ott (almost to the point of tears) if he plays anything except the early Fifteen stuff in their living room. 

 –todd (Self-released)