SUNDOWNERS: Gnome and Glacier: LP

Mar 08, 2010

[Looking at the cover, and then pondering.] I’ve never given much thought to the type of music that a bunch of garden gnomes would make if they had the opportunity. Would it be Smurfy? Small and bearded music? I bet there’d be some polka. They’re probably shit-tired of Christmas music, looking at rosemary bushes, and being crawled over by snails. I put the Sundowners in the same sect as North Trolls, Audacity, and Thee Makeout Party. The larger chunks of their music making can be traced to top-tier DIY punk like Shark Pants, The Bananas, and Shang-A-Lang, but they’re smart enough to not put tracing paper on light tables of their mentors’ songs. I suspect it’s a mixture of youth, drugs, infrequent bathing, and enjoying the moment that gives ‘em their own signatures and style. Good stuff, akin in the chose-your-own-adventure spirit of the Abi Yoyos. Warms up on repeat listens.

 –todd (Dirt Cult)