Nov 18, 2008

Sweden’s all-star punk band has a release in the states. From what I have heard, this band consists of former members of Svart Sno, Wolfbrigade, and possibly Anti Cimex. Being seasoned veterans, these guys crank out fierce Swedish d-beat with some authority. Thundering bass lines over bottles-broken-against-the-wall drumming. The ever-so-distorted guitar thrashing adds to the crunch. Vocals yelled in the traditional way: aggressive and piercing. What attracts me to international acts is the full-force rage. These guys play with conviction and play songs that we could never comprehend the anger of since we are not from Sweden. If you missed out on their tour here in the states, you really missed out. As incredible as this release is, their live set is just as good or better.

 –don (Prank)