SUN SICK: Self-titled: LP

May 21, 2014

Artwork is important to me when I pick up a record; it’s the first thing you see. I feel sorry for those downloaders out there who miss out on this part of the experience. With that being said, I really liked the artwork on this record. It just looks fun and, sure enough, it was an accurate nod to the direction of the sound of this record. Sun Sick play beach punk that reminds me of The Hives a little bit. These guys are from France, so I image bathing suits are optional. All the songs are in English, which is fine, but I can’t help but wish they were sung in French to set these guys further apart from everyone else. They have a spazzy sound full of guitars covered in reverb, bratty vocals, and plenty of tambourines. Fans of The Tijuana Panthers would like these guys. Overall, this is a fun record. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Lollipop, [email protected] /Crapoulet, [email protected])