Jul 29, 2013

Summer Vacation: The bits of Weezer I really like meets Rites Of Spring’s entire brief catalog. Shattered, pretty, monstrous, calming, and epic from one second to the next without any herky-jerkiness or multiple personality disorder. Know what can kill hardcore? Ladies can rarely share equally in the celebration—half of the world’s population excluded from the party. Not so with Summer Vacation. It feels inclusive. Hummingbird pinpoint swiftness. Elephant stomp. Hard Girls: One long-form song that evokes the late ‘90s where both punk and post-punk—as labels—were approached with extreme caution (and rarely invoked), college radio was losing its arm wrestling contest to “indie rock,” (later to be shorn to “indie”) and bands like Chokebore, Gaunt, and The Yummy Fur convinced their respective towns of Cleveland, Honolulu, and Glasgow that they were next heir apparents. Nice split.

 –todd (Recess / Asian Man)