SUICIDE DOLLS, THE: Prayers in Parking Lots: CD

Sep 11, 2012

I loved The Suicide Dolls when I saw them open for Ceremony. Their fuzzed-out guitar and chunky bass sound really caught my ear. Guitarist Brian Albano creates a wall of noise with his crazy riffs and leads, and even employs some slide-guitar techniques that give The Dolls a very distinct sound that I enjoyed. With all the praise I have for their live performance, I don’t feel their album Prayers in Parking Lots lives up to the band’s amazing live sound. The fuzzy, blown-out live sound that I loved feels very subdued, almost confined on this recording. This tempered sound works well on some tracks, like “Go,” which is a very low key track; very dark and brooding. However, on tracks like “Senses,” which gets more frantic, particularly during the choruses, I’d have liked the more blown-out sound. Though not quite satisfied with the sound, “Senses,” is probably my favorite track on this recording, because it does showcase some great songwriting, including my favorite lyrics of any songs on the album. Overall, I don’t feel this is a bad album, in fact I’d suggest checking it out, but I feel it does not live up to live experience of the band, and for that I’m a bit disappointed.

 –Paul J. Comeau ([email protected])

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