SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: No Mercy Fool/Suicidal Family: CD

Nov 16, 2010

This whole CD consists of re-recordings of old Suicidal Tendencies/No Mercy songs. I’m assuming that having them re-recorded instead of reissued stems from some legal debacle, but I can’t be sure. I’ve actually never heard the original versions of the No Mercy tracks so I don’t have a real point of reference, but the Suicidal tracks I was dubious about actually sound pretty good compared to the originals. The recording sounds really full and is really high energy. The problem is that the bass sounds like complete shit, and the midtones drop out of the recording, so all you hear are the high end “pops” when he goes to the top two strings. It’s not enough to ruin it, but it’s really annoying. In any case, the record isn’t bad, but if you’ve got the originals you’re not missing out on anything life changing here. For the die-hards or newcomers out there, this is actually worth your time to pick up

 –Ian Wise (Suicidal,