Suffering Mind churn out heavy, heavy apocalyptic doom-style metal with grind-style vocals. The music is definitely energetic, but they stick pretty close to the formula and don’t do a whole lot at establishing their own identity. Guantanamo Party Program mix it up a bit with interesting results, and it’s their side of the record that I listen to most. The guitar tone is atypical of the genre. It sounds more like 1990s indie rock with heavy percussion and a gloomy bass underneath. Before you skip down to the next review, believe me, this style is a plus, as it helps differentiate them from the pack. It somehow works for these guys. The music is certainly heavy and packed with a solid thud. It’s the guitar and its tone, though, that gives this song character and depth. The guitar breaks create this mood that’s effective at holding your attention for the duration, while the rest of the instruments and vocals do their thing. It could be interesting to hear how this band progresses. 

 –guest (Halo Of Flies,