SUFFERING LUNA: Blood Filled Bong: Cassette

Blood Filled Bong is one grotesquely weird, innovative metal tape. It’s a seven part movement, starting with an intro/skit of a ritual, in which, cops, immigration officers, oil company CEOs and filth of that ilk are getting decapitated. You hear their blood being poured into a bong, then the gurgle and huff of someone taking a giant rip. Then the first song kicks in, it’s a thrashing, snarling number with some crazy industrial bleeps and screeches. This is followed by a slow, dirgey number with ambient growling vocals and thick, layered washes of sound. From there they build tension with a noisy, atmospheric bridge and then pick up the pace a bit. Things move like this, variant, but always heavy. Eventually, I lose track and it becomes the one long piece that it’s intended to be. It all ends with a wing nut, paranoid Leftist rant, which makes absolutely no sense, but sounds awesome. This is enthralling, menacing anarcho metal for the strong of heart.  –Craven (To Live A Lie )