SUCCESS: We are the Elitist Generation: CD

Sep 19, 2013

I’ve said it before in these very pages and I will say it again: Releases like this one reaffirm my faith in the ol’ punk rock. After wading through what seems like an endless parade of bland, radio-friendly pop punk, the reward at the end of the trail is a release like this. Success occupies that rare zone where earnest performance and good songwriting intersect without a trace of irony or the sense that the band wants to be the next big thing. There is maybe one clunker on the whole disc which is otherwise filled with songs that don’t try too hard—instead allowing the material to breathe and go where it will. Whereas in the hands of others, stuff like this might seem contrived or forced, Success pulls it off with aplomb. It seems like these guys are in it for the right reasons and if I haven’t made it clear, this CD is well worth seeking out.

 –Garrett Barnwell (La Escalera,