Wow, total sleeper hit of this issue. Wasn’t expecting much at all from this, and then both bands just blew me away. Terrific stuff: catchy and anthemic. Owing heavy nods to their fellow countrymen in Bombshell Rocks and Smalltown, every song is so goddamn bright and hook-laden, I was singing along by the second time I ran through this, and that’s saying something. Using the framework and template of, say, the first few Stiff Little Fingers records but updating and modernizing it; goddamn, what’s not to like, right? Subwaste’s the more jagged of the two, if only because of the fact that the vocalist’s got that extra ounce of snarl in his pipes. TG&TI are swimming through similar (rad) waters, but they’ve got a very slight rock/rockabilly thread buoying up their end of things. It’s albums like this, ones that totally come out of left field, that make me so stoked to review for yon ‘Cake.

 –keith (Warbird)