SUBURBAN SHOWDOWN: Any Minor Inconvenience Must be Eliminated: CD

Mar 15, 2010

Suburban Showdown’s one of those bands that you’ve heard approximately one trillion times before and you most likely know well before you actually hit the play button if it’s going to be your thing or not—it’s gruff and growly and repetitive and firmly entrenched in all the trappings of crust punk. All the requirements are here: A-B-A-B rhyme schemes, stark black and white graphics, a Discharge cover. However, they’re also keeping things at a relatively amped-up pace—we’re only looking at ten songs—and they’ve managed to tackle an interestingly broad range of topics, both as punk consumerists and those in the outside world. Ultimately, they’re pissed, and there’s a great howling undercurrent of fuzz on those guitars, and while this particular genre is pretty played out for me personally, there’s no doubting the fact that Suburban Showdown manages a pretty nice attack here.

 –keith (Rodent Popsicle)