SUBURBAN MOMS: Turning Schools into Stone: 7”EP

Jul 27, 2014

Suburban Moms comes out with their latest 7”, which I have to say is quite good, despite their awful band name and bleak cover. At least it caught my curiosity? A-side’s “Turning Schools into Stone” is very similar in sound to Synthetic ID with a melodic post-punk guitar, propelling beat, and jumping bass line. Vocals are a-melodic, almost used as percussion, punctuated from the ebb and flow of guitar. It’s good. Really good. B-side features “Tolerating Intolerance,” less catchy, tinges of Adolescence, more straight- ahead ‘80s early punk, vocals a bit more screechy. Keep A-side on replay. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Pashtone/Plant Bullshit)