SUBURBAN HOMES, THE: “Conformity in the U.K.” b/w “Television Spies”: 7”

Jan 13, 2016

Damn, this record is loud! First time I listened to it, I said to myself, “What, did Tim Warren master this?” Sure enough, he did! (For those not in the know, Tim Warren is Crypt Records. He has a second career as a recording masterer and he does a masterful job with each record. Shit jumps out the grooves!) Anyway, this record has a caveman-drum-pound intensity. Lyrics touch on the political and personal on “Conformity in the U.K.” (although they’re a mouthful, as there are so many) and the paranoid on “Television Spies.” Total Punk is getting hotter with each release, as they seem to sell through pressings in days and I can’t even keep up with them. Total Punk is definitely a label where you should buy every release, just because it’s on Total Punk. They continue to deliver the goods, and Suburban Homes is a good fit. ‘Nuff said!

 –Sal Lucci (Total Punk,