SUBSISTANCE: Bleed, Sweat & Strive: CD

Jul 25, 2007

Dunno if it’s just me, or the current state of society or what, but it seems to me that so many punk bands big on proselytizing about revolution and change don’t really say anything specific. This has many of the same trappings of the anarcho-punk bands of yore, right down to its gasmask and crossed Billy clubs logo, and there is some talk in the lyrics about revolution, turning in blank votes, and living in a police state, but direct attacks on the power structure, the corporate money stream that funds it, the politicians who put a face to the system and the media that spreads its messages are largely absent. Is it out of fear that no mention of Bush, Blair, or Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper can be found, or that any corporation or media outlet is named outright as a problem? Really not trying to be facetious here—I really wanna know why the Dixie Chicks seem to be more “punk” and are more direct in voicing opposition than most of the spikes and leather set. The music? Polka-tempo hardcore, clean catchy and not particularly provocative.

 –jimmy ([email protected])