SUBSETS: Ape Facin’: 7”

May 21, 2014

The title track opens with a tense, ominous riff. The menacing atmosphere hangs heavy over the rest of the EP, which takes most of its cues from brooding ‘70s and ‘80s punk like Agent Orange and T.S.O.L. It might be the gloomy reverb or the singer’s gruff growling, but something about this Cincinnati band is also giving off a heavy U.K. vibe, reminiscent of Oi Polloi’s darker moments. “I Don’t Wanna Be Here” is poppier but somehow no more upbeat, landing somewhere between The Ramones and crippling depression. I want the band to know that it literally started raining outside when I put this record on. 

 –Indiana Laub (Granado,