SUBORDINATE: To See Their Demise: EP

Sep 23, 2014

This record came with a sticker that said, “From Ireland” but it’s a sound that’s very Oakland crust. I guess crust music has no geographic borders. I can’t say that I honestly know much about crust bands, but these guys sound pretty fucking legit. The songs on here had enough variation to keep my interest. It wasn’t d-beat song after d-beat song; there is a decent amount of craft to their songs to keep a weirdo like me with no attention span interested. The songs go from heavy, brutal metal riffs to a melodic style to d-beat. If you’re into crust, buy this record and get their patch for your jacket or your dog’s bandana. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Visions of Warning / A World We Never Made / Suburban White Trash / Anarchotic / Don’t Live Like Me)