SUBINCISION: Berkeley’s Newest Hitmakers: CD

Jul 16, 2009

Yernk. Did the cover of this one fool me. Four serious-minded looking gents and a lean, muscular name like “Subincision”? I guess they aren’t wearing hooded sweatshirts and the name isn’t laid out in an athletic font, but I was still expecting some preachy, testosterone-bubbling hardcore/straightedge band — you know, a bunch of kids who grew up listening to Judge and abstaining from masturbation and stuff like that. Wrong. Catchy, happy, bouncy, well-scrubbed good-timey rock‘n’roll with teenage spermatozoa concerns, aka: dating, girlfriends, making out, copping a feel, etc. I hear everything from the Clash, Pogues and Stray Cats to Ricky Nelson crossed with Generation X-era Billy Idol. A bit perky for my liking, but I can see some people really liking this fun rock.

 –aphid (Substandard)

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