SUBHUMANS, THE: Same Thoughts, Different Day: 2 x 12”

Jul 13, 2010

A few years ago when Vancouver’s Subhumans came out of retirement with their amazing New Dark Age Parade record, the questions immediately arose about reissuing their back catalog. Last year, they released Death Was Too Kind, which was a compilation of their early singles. Great, for sure, but the real hunger remained for the band’s debut LP, Incorrect Thoughts. What was the hold up? Well, it seems that in the thirty-plus years since its release a now-defunct California record label (CD Presents) is claiming ownership of the record, even though the band has never dealt with the label and has never been paid by them. Surely the band could have taken the label to court, but why not spend their time and money re-recording the classic record and releasing that instead? Well, right off the bat, this kind of thing makes me nervous. That record captures a certain time and place, and I wasn’t sure that it could be recreated faithfully. I was wrong. The new recordings are amazing in how they bring through the energy of the originals. I guess it goes to prove the strength of the songs. I’ll admit there are slight differences that threw me off at first. A note here and there are changed, but it works. The production is great and from start to finish this record proves that these guys haven’t lost a bit of their edge or talent. Now the reason that it says “2 x 12” in the header is that this is a double record, but it’s not a double LP. The first disc is the re-recorded Incorrect Thoughts in its entirety and the second platter is a 12” single featuring a few songs from the same era as Incorrect Thoughts but were never recorded before. Also amazing, I might add. I know that I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to The Subhumans, but if you’re reading this you probably already know how important the original record is in Canadian (if not worldwide) punk rock history. I can tell you that the record is back, lyrically as relevant as ever, and sounds great!

 –ty (Alternative Tentacles)