SUBHUMANS, THE: Same Thoughts, Different Day: CD

Jul 29, 2010

When I was younger, I used to consider things like whether or not it would be cool if punk and underground music became more popular. It obviously could never have occurred to me that punk rock would become a career for some people. I could have never imagined a thing called “the Internet” where people fight to shell out high prices for records like The Subhumans’ Incorrect Thoughts. The popularity of punk rock is a double-edged sword in my opinion, but I feel overall that the world is a better place with this music in demand. However, in the case of this seminal Canadian band’s watershed release, the sword cuts the wrong way. Ebay prices have remained consistently high on Incorrect Thoughts. The record usually sells for between $35-$60 on eBay. (Some jackass has the cassette up for $125 as of writing this.) And the reason for these high prices is that another record company is claiming and retaining the rights to the album; there does not appear to be a proper release in the near future. And so lies the dilemma. Re-recording an album is almost always a bad idea. Yet these songs deserve to be heard by a younger, budding audience. Standing on its own, Same Thoughts, Different Day is better than any thousand punk albums that will be released this year. The uninitiated deserve to hear classics like “Big Picture” and “War in the Head” and the band deserves to be heard and recognized. As far as reduxes go, the album is well done. Aside from extremely distorted guitars, the songs sound pretty close to the originals. There are four additional songs, two of which are pretty rockin’. You can tell they still care. This version of these songs is the best way to support an important band and support a label that is re-releasing classic lost punk recordings by bands like The Eat and Th’Inbred. However, like most punkers, antiquity generally wins out with me for some unnamed reason. If my house burned down, could I live with Same Thoughts, Different Day as my primary link to this band? Eh.

 –Billups Allen (Alternative Tentacles)