SUBHUMANS, THE: Death Was Too Kind: LP

Apr 27, 2009

Possibly one of the most important releases in the landscape of obscure punk. Just to make it clear, the Subhumans on this record were a Vancouver band from the early ‘80s who share a name with the British unit most people are familiar with. Many a brave punker has searched record lists and pounded the internet just for an opportunity to bid on bootlegs of any of the three classic singles contained on this record and been let down. Even the later cheapo CD collection Pissed Off…With Good Reason and the CD release of the classic album Incorrect Thoughts were impossible to find at any price. Death Was Too Kind contains all of the first three singles released by these Canadian pioneers along with two unreleased tracks from the collection. For years, whiffs of this collection were spread out among various comps: the scope of The Subhumans importance still shrouded in obscurity. Now, for all the glory of punkdom, these tracks have finally been reunited. The Subhumans appeared on no less than Let Them Eat Jellybeans and the Vancouver Compilation and have been made infamous with DOA’s cover of their now classic anthem “Fuck You.” Their cred is infallible and the songs are timeless punk classics. It is almost inconceivable that history forgot this band. This is more than a collection of singles; it is testament to the enduring timelessness of good punk rock. It just doesn’t get more essential than this.

 –Billups Allen (Alternative Tentacles)