SUBHUMANS, THE: Death Was Too Kind: LP

Jun 08, 2009

I think it was sometime in 1986 when a guy named Kevin (who was dating my aunt) decided to steer my music taste for the better. I was already starting to get into punk rock and had the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys. “That’s good,” he said, “but here’s something better.” The record he lent me had a stark white cover with four dark figures wearing trench coats and goggles. All it said on it was The Subhumans. When I put it on the turntable, I was blasted with four songs that blew all my perceptions of punk rock out of the water. I played it over and over again. My new battle cry was “We don’t care what you say… fuck you!” It was a record that truly changed my life. Now a mere thirty years since it was first released, the good folks at Alternative Tentacles have brought forth a reissue that everyone should own. Not only that, but they have included the tracks from both the Death to the Sickoids” and Firing Squad singles, as well as a couple of unreleased gems! I’m in Canuck punk heaven! I don’t have to play the beat-to-shit version that I swiped from Kevin all those years ago! Here is proof positive that Bob Rock actually produced something worthwhile once! Get this now!

 –ty (Alternative Tentacles)

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