SUBHUMANS: Live in a Dive: CD

Jun 04, 2008

Back in the ‘80s, I truly didn’t appreciate this band, although I loved Dick’s band afterwards, Culture Shock. My favorite song by the Subhumans is “Rats.” Just my luck, that song is not included. Over the years, I have grown to really appreciate these songs. When I saw them last year, I truly enjoyed them more than when I saw them in the ‘80s. No punk band past or present sounds like them. They are a unique band. Dick is a wordsmith. I really shouldn’t have to describe this. Twenty-six songs from their vast catalog of material that should please just about every fan. For a new person, this is a great starting point to get a sample, then go out and buy the originals if you are impressed. Today’s generation of punks are very fortunate to have this legendary band get back together and to have the chance to see them in a live setting. We are also fortunate that they get their own Live in a Dive from Fat. It’s been so hit and miss in the case of this series for me, but I am not in the majority opinion. Also, for being a live recording, this is really good. That’s saying a lot. I really do not care for live recordings. The background noise bugs the shit out of me. This release should stay in circulation as long as the label stays afloat. The band is important and you should be listening to them. 

 –don (Fat)