SUBHUMANS: Limited Edition Demo: CDEP

Jun 22, 2007

Well, there is a sense of apprehension whenever a beloved band from days gone by decides to take another crack at it. You hope with all of your might that it will rule, but deep down you know it can never live up to the “glory days.” I’ll tell you that I was more than excited to hear that three-fourths of the original lineup of Vancouver’s Subhumans was getting together to play shows. Upon arrival at the debut show, I was even more impressed that they had written some new stuff and a four-song EP was available. Impressed and scared. I am pleased to report that the Subhumans’ new stuff is great! All of the urgency and wit is there, served up with a sarcastic grin that will keep us smiling as we march to our impending doom. In four tracks they manage to cover a lot of ground including war, religion, celebrity, and misery. Mike Graham hasn’t played guitar since he left the band twenty years ago, but you’d never know it. The band is tight, and the good news is I hear that a full length is in the works. Dimwit (RIP) would be proud.

 –ty (no address)