SUBHUMANS (CANADA), THE: New Dark Age Parade: CD

Mar 14, 2007

Uh-oh. It’s that double edged feeling that you get when one of your favorites gets back together. What if you have to hate their new stuff? I don’t want to have to hate The Subhumans. I don’t want them to become a joke and make a mockery of their legendary status around these parts… I started to sweat. I AM SO RELIEVED! This disc is absolutely amazing. The band has managed to capture the sound and urgency they carried in 1979 and bring it into a new era where the things that they wrote about almost thirty years ago are actually happening now. They could say “I told ya so,” but they don’t. They just keep telling it like it is without pulling any punches. Anyone who knows the band, knows that they’re about action and this is what the record is all about. Life sucks, but what are we gonna do about it? The majority of the record is reminiscent of Incorrect Thoughts-era Subhumans, but they do blast out a couple of hardcore numbers along the lines of No Wishes No Prayers. I can honestly say that, just as it was twenty years ago, no one can tell me how much the world we live in sucks as good as the Subhumans.

 –ty (G7 Welcoming Committee/ Alternative Tentacles)